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Here at Luxury Palace, we pride ourselves on being a reasonably priced Nashville venue hall while also offering deluxe amenities. When booking the hall, you will have the space from 10am - 3am (the following day), We understand that events can be expensive and overwhelming to plan. When booking additional services with us, the time you will save is priceless. 


Customizable LED lights: Our pearly white walls are able to adapt to any party color theme.  They will elevate any decorations.

IMG_3810 (1)_edited.jpg

Tile Flooring: Our tile floors add elegance to any event. Not only do they fit any color pattern, but they also make for a great dance floor. 

Light above bar_edited.jpg

Open Vendor Policy: We want you to have your dream event. This is why we stand by our open vendor policy. Whether you want to DIY your decoration or catering or go through a company. If you are happy, we are happy.

Dressing Room_edited.jpg

Dressing Room: The perfect place to prepare for your big day! There is great lighting for make up with a full-length mirror for making sure you look your best.



Bar/Serving Area: The bar is equipped with a freezer, two coolers, a hand sink, microwave, and fridge.

Bathroom Sink_edited.jpg

Restroom: Updated multi-user men's and women's restrooms.

Additional Services:


Stage: Whether it is for a corporate event of a wedding. Our stage will elevate you and your event.



Decorations: We offer decoration packages that can be as customized with chair covers, sashes, table clothes, runners, center pieces, and backdrops.  All guests are free to find their own decorations as well. We just want your event planning to go as smooth as possible.


Throne Chairs / Loveseat: You should feel like royalty at your event. By adding a throne chair, your guests will know you are. 

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